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Ammonia Cycling Calculator
Estimate the amount of ammonium hydroxide solution required to reach a target ammonia level in an aquarium.

Equilibrium pH Calculator
Estimate the equilibrium pH of an aquarium assuming it is thoroughly aerated.

Freshwater CO2 Level Calculator
Estimate the carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration given a few relevant parameters.

Free Ammonia Calculator
Estimate the free (un-ionized) ammonia (NH3) concentration given the total ammonia concentration.

Marine CO2 Level Calculator
Estimate the carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration given a few relevant parameters.

Maximum Equilibrium O2 Level Calculator
Estimate the maximum equilibrium oxygen (O2) concentration given a few relevant parameters.

Nitrogen-Ion Conversion Chart
Convert ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate concentrations between the -nitrogen and -ion forms.

Titration Calculator
Estimate the concentration of a sample using titration.

Total Ammonia Calculator
Estimate the total ammonia concentration given either the free ammonia (NH3) or ionized ammonia (NH4) concentrations

Two-Part Imbalance Calculator
Estimate the imbalance of selected major ions in saltwater caused by the repeated dosing of two-part.

Calcium Reactor Contribution Calculator
Estimate the contribution of a calcium reactor towards the calcium and alkalinity in an aquarium system.

Calcium Reactor Phosphate Contribution Calculator
Estimate the contribution of a calcium reactor towards the phosphate in an aquarium system.

Jose Dieck's Calcium Reactor Setup Calculator
Estimate the effluent flow rate and alkalinity level required from a calcium reactor to maintain target levels.

Jose Dieck's Reef Chemistry Calculator
Estimate the necessary calcium, alkalinity, or magnesium additions required to reach a target level.

Kalk Contribution Calculator
Estimate the contribution of a kalk solution towards the calcium and alkalinity of a system.

Direct Salt Addition Calculator
Estimate the amount of solid salt required to raise salinity to a target level.

Resulting Salinity Calculator
Estimate the resulting change in salinity when water is added, evaporated, or replaced.

Reverse Salinity Correction Calculator
Given a true salinity, estimate the relative specific gravity (sg) that a non-temperature-correcting hydrometer will observe.

Saltwater Dilution Calculator
Estimate the amount of freshwater that must be added to a body of saltwater in order to reduce its salinity to a desired level.

Saltwater Top-Off Calculator
Estimate the salinity of top-off water needed to increase overall tank salinity.

Salinity Correction Calculator
Correct a relative specific gravity (sg) measurement taken with a non-temperature-correcting hydrometer.

Skimmer Salinity Drop Calculator
Estimate the drop in salinity of a system caused by the removal of saline skimmate.

Target Salinity Calculator
Create a water-change schedule that can be used to reach a target salinity.

Heater & Chiller Failure Calculator
Plot the estimated change in aquarium temperature as a function of time in the event of a power failure.

Heater & Chiller Sizing Calculator
Estimate the size (power) of heater and chiller required to maintain an aquarium within a specified temperature range.

CO2 DI Resin Depletion Calculator
Estimate what percentage of a deionization (DI) filter is being depleted by carbon dioxide (CO2) alone.

RO Membrane Performance Calculator
Estimate the actual rate of water production of a reverse-osmosis (RO) filter.

RO Rejection Rate Calculator
Estimate the rejection rate of a reverse-osmosis (RO) filter.

Electrical Consumption Calculator
Estimate the electrical consumption of an aquarium system along with the associated cost.

Electrical Savings
Estimate the time needed for a higher-priced, but more energy-efficient piece of equipment to pay for itself.

Manual pH Calibration Calculator
Attempt to correct the pH reading of an uncalibrated, uncalibratable, or improperly calibrated digital pH meter.

pH Temperature Correction Calculator
Correct the reading of a pH meter that does not automatically correct for temperature.

Pump Turnover Calculator
Estimate the time required for a pump to process a specified percentage of an aquarium system's water.

Effect of Water Changes Calculator
Plot the estimated effect of repeated water changes on the concentration of a given substance.

Effective Water Change Calculator
Estimate the effective water change amount of several combined smaller water changes.

Seawater Composition Calculator
Estimate the concentrations of selected ions in natural seawater at a given salinity.

Water Density Calculator
Estimate the density of water at a given temperature and salinity.

Water Properties Calculator
Estimate various properties of water at a given temperature and salinity.

Water Weight Calculator
Estimate the weight of a given volume of water at a specified temperature and salinity.

Substrate Calculator
Estimate the volume and weight of substrate needed for a sand bed of a given height.

System Volume Calculator
Estimate the volume of an aquarium system by performing a controlled salinity dilution.
This can be used for freshwater systems as well, if aquarium salts are utilized.

Tank Volume Calculator
Estimate the volume of water different shapes of aquariums with sides of uniform thickness can hold.

Tank Weight Calculator
Estimate both the full and empty weights of various shapes of aquariums with sides of uniform thickness.

Alkalinity Conversion Calculator
Convert alkalinity between milliequivalents-per-liter (meq/L), carbonate hardness (KH, dKH), and parts-per-million (ppm).

Concentration Conversion Calculator
Convert concentration between parts-per-million (ppm) and milligrams-per-liter (mg/L).

Flow Rate Conversion Calculator
Convert between various units of flow rate (gallons-per-hour, milliliters-per-minute, and so on).

Salinity Conversion Calculator
Convert salinity between parts-per-thousand (ppt), relative specific gravity (sg), and units of conductivity (mS/cm).

Temperature Conversion Calculator
Convert temperature between fahrenheit (F), celsius/centigrade (C), and kelvin (K).

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