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Seawater Composition Calculator

* Special thanks to Boomer from www.reefcentral.com for his help.

This calculator estimates the concentrations of selected ions in natural seawater at a given salinity by linearly interpolating their concentrations in full-strength seawater as given by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) Chemical Sensor Program online resource.

The possibility of cross-reactions between ions at higher-than-normal concentrations resulting in precipitation is not accounted for. Additionally, the maximum solubilities of individual ion species are not considered. For these reasons, the data generated for salinities significantly above 35 ppt may not be valid.

Water Salinity:

Water Temperature:

Chloride (Cl-):

Sodium (Na+):

Sulfate (SO4--):

Magnesium (Mg++):

Calcium (Ca++):

Potassium (K+):

Bromide (Br-):

Strontium (Sr++):

Fluoride (F-):

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