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Electrical Consumption Calculator

This calculator estimates the electrical consumption of an aquarium system along with the associated cost. To use it, you must list all of the equipment that make up your aquarium system, how many watts they consume, and how many hours of the day they are on for.

This calculator does not account for the fact that your electrical company will round up your bill to the nearest 0.01 every billing cycle. For example, consider a scenario where the calculator determines that your equipment will cost 100.00 to run for 12 30-day months. If you pay your bill monthly you will actually end up paying 8.34 a month rather than 8.333. This discrepency means that your total bill will actually be 100.08 rather than 100.00.

Cost of Electricity:
 Per kWh

Device Name (Optional)

Watts Consumed

Hours Used per Day






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