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Skimmer Salinity Drop Calculator

This calculator estimates the drop in salinity brought about by removing saline skimmate from a system in which the lost water volume is replaced entirely with freshwater. This salinity drop is typically negligible except when wet-skimming is employed; for example, as a mechanism for water-change.

It is not necessary to take into account evaporation of the skimmate while in the skimmer collection cup. As the skimmate volume decreases by evaporation, it's salinity will increase proportionally.

Tank Volume:

Initial Tank Salinity:

Skimmate Volume:

Skimmate Salinity*:

Resulting Tank Salinity:

* Note that neither a hydrometer nor a refractometer is a good choice for measuring the salinity of skimmate, especially thick skimmate. A conductivity-meter should be used to take this measurement.

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