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Two-Part Imbalance Calculator

* Special thanks to Boomer from www.reefcentral.com for his help.

This calculator estimates the imbalance of selected major ions in saltwater caused by the repeated dosing of any of the four two-part recipies described in Randy Holmes-Farley's Reefkeeping article. The calculator assumes that all of the calcium and alkalinity added to the system is consumed by biological processes. Additionally, in line with Dr. Holmes-Farley's article, the calculator assumes that the mass of magnesium consumed by biological processes is equal to 6.5% of the mass of calcium consumed.

Note that, ignoring trace impurities in the ingredients, Dr. Holmes-Farley's recipies only dose chloride, sodium, sulfate, magnesium, calcium, alkalinity, and potassium. Each of these ions, with the exceptions of calcium and alkalinity, can be selected for calculation. The calcium and alkalinity levels are assumed to remain constant (see above) and have therefore been excluded. The "Non-Dosed Ion" option can be used to estimate the change in concentration of any other ion (Bromide, Strontium, Fluoride, etc.).

System Information:

Selected Ion:

Initial Ion Concentration*:

Initial Salinity:

System Volume:

System Temperature:

* If you are not sure about this value, use the Seawater Composition Calculator to get an estimate.

Water Change Information:

Water Change Volume*:

Performed Every:

* Enter zero if no water changes are performed.
This calculator assumes that any new water added will have the same salinity and selected ion concentration as the initial system water.

Two-Part Information:


Calcium-Part Added Daily*:

Alkalinity-Part Added Daily*:

Magnesium-Part Added Daily*:

Days Added:

* Enter zero for any of these parts if you do not dose them.
If you dose Magnesium on a weekly or monthly basis, enter a pro-rated daily amount.


Final Salinity:

Actual Final Ion Concentration:

Expected Final Ion Concentration*:

* This is what the concentration of the ion should be at the final salinity. This number is based on the ratio of the ion's starting concentration to the system's starting salinity.

Change in Relative Concentration*:

* In a perfectly balanced dosing regimen, this value should be exactly 100% for each ion.

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