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Kalk Contribution Calculator

* Special thanks to Boomer from www.reefcentral.com for his help.

This calculator estimates the amount of calcium and alkalinity that a kalk solution contributes to an aquarium system. The kalk solution can be prepared with either calcium hydroxide or calcium oxide.

This calculator cannot handle kalk solutions that have been supersaturated with the help of vinegar. Also, it assumes both that the strength of the kalk solution does not decrease significantly over time and that no undissolved kalk powder enters the aquarium.

Kalk Solution Preparation:

Kalk Addition Method:

Volume of Kalk Added:

Mass of Kalk Added:

Volume of Water Added:

Solution Temperature:

System Information:

Kalk Solution Addition Rate:


System Volume:

System Salinity:

System Temperature:

Solution Strength:

Percent Saturation:



Volume of Kalk Undissolved:

Mass of Kalk Undissolved:


Calcium Contribution:


Alkalinity Contribution:


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